Shoptalk Team

  • Anil Aggarwal, Founder, Chairman & CEO

    Anil Aggarwal

    Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Simran Rekhi Aggarwal, Founder & President

    Simran Rekhi Aggarwal

    Founder & President

  • Kelsie Besinger, Event Director

    Kelsie Besinger

    Event Director

  • Leah Cantor, Event Coordinator

    Leah Cantor

    Event Coordinator

  • Ashley Connors, Senior Graphic Designer

    Ashley Connors

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Paul Denisevich, Web Soldier

    Paul Denisevich

    Web Soldier

  • Caroline Farley, Head of Growth

    Caroline Farley

    Head of Growth

  • Brandon Gamble, Creative Director

    Brandon Gamble

    Creative Director

  • Sonal Gandhi, VP, Content Strategy

    Sonal Gandhi

    VP, Content Strategy

  • Krystina Gustafson, Content Director

    Krystina Gustafson

    Content Director

  • Carl Hazeley, Head of Content, Shoptalk Europe

    Carl Hazeley

    Head of Content, Shoptalk Europe

  • Natascha Johnson, Graphic Designer

    Natascha Johnson

    Graphic Designer

  • Darby MacKay, Event Coordinator

    Darby MacKay

    Event Coordinator

  • Kim Mancuso, VP, Sales + Client Success - Networking Programs

    Kim Mancuso

    VP, Sales + Client Success - Networking Programs

  • Katie Scannell, Audience Development Manager

    Katie Scannell

    Audience Development Manager

  • Christine Scerra, Event Manager

    Christine Scerra

    Event Manager

  • Erin Tierney, Event Manager

    Erin Tierney

    Event Manager

  • Jonathan Weiner, Founder

    Jonathan Weiner


  • Zia Daniell Wigder, Chief Global Content Officer

    Zia Daniell Wigder

    Chief Global Content Officer

  • Lil B, The Mastermind

    Lil B

    The Mastermind