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Heath Wells, Co-Founder & CEO

Heath Wells

Co-Founder & CEO, NuORDER

HEATH WELLS is the CEO and Co-Founder of NuORDER, a B2B eCommerce platform that is revolutionizing the wholesale industry. 

Heath is an entrepreneur at heart, starting his first Internet-based business at the age of 15 in Adelaide,  Australia.  From 2004-2008, Heath served as the the Managing Director at Furst Media in Australia, where he and partner Olivia Skuza led the company to great success across publishing, creative, and digital commerce.   

After a successful exit at Furst Media in 2008, Heath and Olivia moved to Los Angeles where they founded STATE OF TOMORROW, L.A.’s first and only purely fashion-oriented marketing and digital agency. While the agency produced award-winning campaigns and cutting-edge brand development, Heath spurred the innovation side, expanding the agency’s work on eCommerce sites into full back-end CMS development. During this process he witnessed a fashion wholesale model that was, in short, antiquated, and saw an opening to revolutionize the entire industry.  This led Heath to begin developing NuORDER in 2011. 

Today NuORDER is the leading B2B eCommerce platform. Headquartered in Los Angeles, and with offices in New York and London, NuORDER helps 800+ brands & 260k retailers transact over $2b in GMV annually. Heath’s passion, spirit for positive change, and unrelenting drive have been key factors in NuORDER’s current success, while his natural tendency for big thinking continues to propel the company’s creative innovation and shape the industry.