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Jason Ackerman, Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Ackerman

Co-Founder & CEO, FreshDirect

After more than a decade in the banking world, specializing in supermarket and specialty retail categories, Jason Ackerman wrote the business plan for FreshDirect, an online grocer, in 1999. His goal was simple: to remove the friction from the process of getting the highest-quality, freshest foods from the source to the consumer.

Jason's vision pioneered an approach to grocery shopping that revolutionized the traditional food supply chain, replacing it with one that’s hyper-fresh, focused on relationships with producers, and technologically innovative.

FreshDirect sources food directly from hundreds of farms, works with in-house chefs and bakers to create thousands of fresh-made meals and products every day, and tastes and rates the produce, seafood, and meat to ensure it’s delivering the freshest food available to its customers in the Northeast. 

In January 2016, the company expanded its portfolio with the launch of FoodKick, a new mobile-first food business that connects consumers to the freshest, tastiest finds in food, drinks, and lifestyle essentials, all delivered within an hour.

As CEO, Ackerman drives the company’s continuous innovation around business development technology, merchandising, delivery, marketing, analytics, and supply chain.