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Markus Stripf, Co-Founder & CEO

Markus Stripf

Co-Founder & CEO, Spoon Guru

Markus Stripf is CEO & Co-founder of Spoon Guru - the award winning AI platform enabling food retailers to deliver personalised shopping experiences based on individual dietary preferences.

Spoon Guru co-founder, Markus, is passionate about understanding and bringing to market AI technologies that can empower consumers and provide a meaningful service to people around the globe. Spoon Guru’s overarching ambition is to build the world’s leading food search and discovery solution. Based on a pioneering AI platform, Spoon Guru is capable of supporting endless combinations of unique consumer dietary preference and needs. Before co-founding Spoon Guru, Markus  held a variety of executive positions in the music business. As a Warner Music Group MD, he was responsible for setting up and running Warner’s international direct to consumer business. Markus has more than 15 years digital experience and and was at the forefront of the music business’ transition into digital. Markus holds an MA in Composition and a BA in Commercial Music.