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Kelly Stickel, Founder & CEO

Kelly Stickel

Founder & CEO, Remodista

Kelly Stickel is founder and CEO of Remodista, a think tank examining global business disruption.

Spending a decade at Accenture and Acquity Group prior, Kelly has spent the majority of her career focused on connecting people, cultivating women leaders, and executing new business development strategies in management consulting.  

Kelly is passionate about cultivating women leaders and is focused on helping women at the top get to the very top. In 2016, she launched a Women2Watch program to help women learn how to take credit for their pioneering work looking at the future of business.  In year three, the program has expanded to Australia, Europe and Canada.

In 2016, Kelly was awarded the Women of Influence award from Chicago Business Journals. She recently launched the Women Influence Chicago program with the Illinois Technology Association and co-chairs the Advisory Board.  As a global speaker and moderator, Kelly shares insights on creating inclusive business environments, leadership cultivation, and understanding disruption in global business.