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Yaniv Corem, VP of R&D, Innovation & Experimentation

Yaniv Corem

VP of R&D, Innovation & Experimentation, Fung Academy

Yaniv Corem is VP of R&D and member of the Innovation & Experimentation Group at Fung Academy, a member of the Fung Group - a privately-held business entity headquartered in Hong Kong and the major shareholder of the Fung Group of companies, whose core businesses are engaged in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Retailing.

Yaniv works within the Fung Academy and across the Fung Group to identify opportunities and build solutions that bring people and technology together to create value for its companies, customers and partners. He contributes to projects like Explorium, the Fung Group’s Retail Innovation Lab in Shanghai, and Tech Links, Global Brands Group’s new tech adoption program.

Prior to Fung Academy, Yaniv held research positions at the MIT Media Lab and IBM Research in Haifa, Israel. He holds a dual Master’s degree from MIT in Architecture and Computer Science.