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Zak Normandin, Co-Founder & CEO

Zak Normandin

Co-Founder & CEO, Dirty Lemon Beverages

Zak Normandin is an award-winning product designer, brand expert, and entrepreneur, responsible for branding more than 30 consumer products in Target, Whole Foods, and grocery stores worldwide. Normandin began his career as a Marine Engineer in the U.S. Coast Guard where he led humanitarian and drug interdiction efforts in Central & South America.

In 2010, inspired by his three young children, Zak founded the child focused snack brand, Little Duck Organics, and brought the company to successful exit in 2014.  With his latest brand, Dirty Lemon, Normandin’s focus shifts now to the beverage industry and disrupting its antiquated retail and distribution model.  The company’s current line of products are sold directly to consumers exclusively via text message.