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Marcello Gamberale Paoletti, CEO

Marcello Gamberale Paoletti

CEO, Viveat

Marcello Gamberale Paoletti, 30, from Milan. After a diploma in sciences, goes on to graduate with top grades in philosophy and later attends a post-graduate course in Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Milan. A long standing interest in journalism leads him to an internship at Il Giornale, one of the main national outlets, and to directing the bimestrial L’Accademia del Buongoverno.

Politically active since 2011, he is first national vice-secretary and, in 2017, vice-president of Youth of the European People’s Party.

An interest in e-commerce leads to joining a masters course at il Sole 24 Ore in 2012 and founding ItalianPick with five associates. In 2015, his professional path leads to founding Viveat alongside  Marco Gaiani. The start-up delves into the realm of the Internet of Everything, offering innovative software solutions for traceability and transparency of consumer products, in partnership with large international companies.