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Richard Jaffe, Managing Director

Richard Jaffe

Managing Director, Avalon Net Worth

Richard Jaffe is an expert in the retail apparel and soft lines industry and serves as an advisor to several retail businesses. He has worked as a research analyst in retail for 25 years at various investment banks. These include Stifel, UBS, Paine Webber and Schroder & Co. Earlier in his career, Mr. Jaffe was part of the America3 Foundation, where he participated in the successful defense of the America’s Cup. Prior to this, he held various positions in the retail sector; at Dress Barn and Macy’s, over a period of 12 years.Mr. Jaffe serves as a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History and is a director of the Cultural Institutions Retirement System. Mr Jaffe holds an M.B.A. in finance and marketing from Columbia University and a B.A. and an M.A. in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania.