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Sean Snyder, President

Sean Snyder

President, Engagement Agents

Sean Snyder is an award winning sales, ecommerce, marketing and technology leader, with over 15 years’ experience in high growth B2B, B2C and C2C industries.

Prior to founding Engagement Agents, Sean was the Director of Sales & Marketing for Stitch It Clothing Alterations, North America’s largest alterations service provider with 85 locations in major shopping centres.  Through this role he discovered every tenant pays into the shopping centres’ marketing via their lease agreements, but a whopping 90% of tenants do not engage their shopping centres' digital & physical marketing channels which they already pay for.

As a result, Engagement Agents was developed and Stitch It became the first customer.  Now Stitch It, along with a number of the largest retailers and shopping centres in North America, are saving a significant amount of time, money and resources, while driving more impressions, traffic and sales to their stores, websites and social channels with Engagement Agents!

Prior to founding Engagement Agents, Sean founded Trend Trunk, Canada’s largest peer-to-peer app & web-based fashion marketplace, and co-founded Preferred One, one of the largest retailer gift card marketing companies in North America with over $40 million in sales annually.