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Dr. Hui Cheng, Head of JD-X Silicon Valley Research Center

Dr. Hui Cheng

Head of JD-X Silicon Valley Research Center, JD.com

Dr. Hui Cheng is the head of JD.com’s JD-X Silicon Valley Research Center, where he leads a team working on technologies that will revolutionize the retail industry. JD-X is developing autonomous ground delivery vehicles, delivery drones and warehouse robotic systems, powered by artificial intelligence.

Prior to JD.com, Dr. Cheng was the Senior Research Manager of Amazon Go where he led the development of innovative computer vision and machine learning technologies for the grab-and-go new shopping experience. He was also the Program Director and head of the Cognitive and Adaptive Vision System Group at SRI International / Sarnoff Corporation where he led more than 30 client-sponsored R&D programs.   His programs span from applying AI and computer vision to social media analysis; aerial, ground and mobile activities understanding; to intelligent training systems and novel applications through automated analysis of consumer-generated content, Internet of Things (IoT) and other Big Data sources. Dr. Cheng started his career in Chinese Academy of Sciences and also worked at Xerox Corporate Research.

Dr. Cheng received his Ph.D. from Purdue University, his M.S. from University of Minnesota, his B.S. from Shanghai Jiaotong University.  He has more than 60 publications and holds 30 patents.