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Thomas Parkinson, Co-Founder

Thomas Parkinson

Co-Founder, Peapod

Thomas Parkinson co-founded Peapod with his brother Andrew in 1989 when he was 29 years old. With $50,000 in seed money from friends and family, the Parkinson brothers pioneered the online grocery delivery concept and created the first e-commerce company in the world. Twenty-eight years later, Peapod is now owned by Ahold Delhaize and maintains its leadership as the largest e-grocer in the U.S., serving 24 markets in the Midwest and on the East Coast. 

As Peapod’s CTO, Thomas serves as the company’s technology visionary. He is responsible for Peapod’s web and mobile product development, IT infrastructure, supply chain systems and R&D. Even after 30+ years in the software development field, Thomas retains his passion for creating unique online experiences and delivering superior customer service. 

Thomas holds a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and a BA from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. For fun, he plays in a rock band, Who’s Your Daddy. Thomas and his wife have placed 1,517 orders with Peapod, which is the equivalent of one order every week since the founding of the company.