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Fang Cheng, Co-Founder & CEO

Fang Cheng

Co-Founder & CEO, Linc Global

Fang Cheng is CEO and co-founder of Linc Global, the customer care automation platform that powers digital experiences to strengthen brand/shopper relationships. Fang co-founded Linc to help close the gap between shoppers and the brands that serve them, bringing together a seasoned team of technologists and product minds to empower brands with the ability to serve and engage shoppers 1-to-1. Fang’s passion to help brands seamlessly integrate into shoppers’ lives drives Linc’s leadership in AI innovation.

Prior to founding Linc, Fang served as the CEO of Proximiant, a venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley, with a mission to make personalized shopping a reality for every cross-channel retailer. Previously, Fang co-founded and served as CEO of Touchco, a company focusing on a new touch sensing technology that was acquired by Amazon in 2010. Fang also has extensive investment management experience at leading hedge funds, serving as vice president and portfolio manager at Millennium Partners prior to becoming a technology entrepreneur.

Fang is a recognized thought leader in ecommerce customer experience and speaks regularly at industry events, having most recently presented at Shoptalk 2017 and Shop.org 2017. She holds a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from New York University.