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Tom Pinckney, VP, Buyer Experience Applied Research

Tom Pinckney

VP, Buyer Experience Applied Research, eBay

With a unique blend of academic, start-up and large enterprise experiences, Tom Pinckney specializes in mobilizing teams to deliver multi-platform, machine-learning driven solutions at massive scale. At eBay, he leads search platform and ranking, recommendation and computer vision teams. Tom is also credited with rebuilding eBay’s marketing platform and advertising technology stacks, which combine machine learning and large-scale engineering to handle billions of requests daily while deciphering tens of billions of unstructured text, image and behavioral data in real-time. Prior to joining the company, he co-founded Hunch, a NYC-based data analytics firm acquired by eBay in 2011 for its ability to make personal recommendations based on social conversations. He also co-founded and served as VP of Engineering for SiteAdvisor, a Boston-based internet security company acquired by McAfee, where he went on to serve as Director of Software Development. His first startup was Vividon, a streaming video infrastructure company. Before his startup adventures, Tom graduated from MIT with B.S. and Master of Engineering degrees in computer science. When not immersed in machine learning ideation at eBay, Tom enjoys brewing beer and hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains of Charlottesville VA.