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Ryan Petersen, Founder & CEO

Ryan Petersen

Founder & CEO, Flexport

Ryan Petersen is founder and CEO of Flexport, a full-service freight forwarder and customs broker. The Flexport platform is modernizing global trade through a combination of software and human expertise, working closely with asset owners to reduce transaction costs, and increase efficiency. By digitizing carrier and client data, we provide all stakeholders with transparency and predictive analytics, enabling users to proactively optimize their supply chains. With Flexport, global trade has never been easier.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA in Marketing, General Management, and Entrepreneurship from Columbia University. Prior to founding Flexport, he helped run an e-commerce company and co-founded ImportGenius, the largest provider of business intelligence to the import-export industry. His experience and frustration with freight logistics served as the inspiration to start Flexport, founded to fix the user experience in global trade.